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Mountain Bikes

We have you covered from head to toes, juniors to adults, beginners to experts and anyone else in between.  We proudly offer bikes from Salsa, Scott, Surly and Foundry. We speak 26'R, 650B and 29'R.  And we grew up here honing our skills on the Stable Trails, Luther's Forest and Kayderous Ridge.  We endure roots and rocks to provide you with the best possible advice for riding in the Northeast. Come on in and get on out with a sweet bike.

Commuter/Touring Bikes

We speak travel fluently at Spa City.  We can set you up on an affordable beater or the ride of your dreams. We have Salsa, Surly, Linus and Foundry bicycles available.  And we can outfit you and your bike to make the journey there and back, an enjoyable, successful one. Come on in and discover the view we've been witnessing from the seat of our bikes.  Nothing better to start and end your day.  Get out and Ride!

FAT Bikes

Here at Spa City, we have a Fat Bike obsession. We ride them everywhere, 24-7, all year long. We carry a full line-up from Salsa, Borealis, Surly, and Cogburn  to name a few. Whether you're going for a spin around town, a rip on the local trails, or a multi-day bikepacking adventure, we have what you're looking for. Our experience and knowledge are second to none. Come on in and test ride one today. When you stop laughing hysterically, we'll line you up with the perfect bike. You will be happy you stopped by Spa City, we guarantee it!

Surly Disk Trucker