about US

Founded in 2011,  Spa City Bicycleworks' philosophy is that cycling should be fun.  From everyday riding to yearly maintenance and repairs.  We aim to make you as passionate about bikes as we are.  Whether it be for repairs or fitting you to the perfect bike,  we are committed to excellence in providing our customers with the best services available.

CUlture and community

In Saratoga County, bikes are part of the culture. They line our garage, sheds and the walls of our living spaces.   Here, at Spa City Bicycleworks, bikes permeate our every thought.  We have ridden them since we could walk.  And raced them a bit too.  We worship Joe Friel and have multiple, worn out copies of his Training Bible.  We see a bike as more than the sum total of all it's parts.  We see cleaner air, greener spaces, and a better, healthier planet.  An invitation to interact with others and intertwine our worlds.  And that link to the community around us, makes life sweeter.
At Spa City we strive to support our surrounding community by sponsoring and participating in local, charitable events.  We are glad to be part of Singletrack Giveback and the many charities it supports.
We also look forward through the youth of our community.  We are trying to establish a High School Cross Country Mountain Bike Team to the area. NICA has a race league here and we are looking for youths interested in riding.
We also will act as ambassadors of our community to all visiting cyclists.  From showing them our favorite hot spots to guiding them around our beautiful county, we will strive to convey an accurate representation of our world. We look forward to sharing that experience with you.
And we HATE Cancer.We will ride in any ride supporting Cancer Research. Spa City currently rides in the Billy Grey Classic, Tour De Cure, MS 150, and the CVC Fall Ride to Benefit Cancer Research.

Spa City Style

When I think of the Spa City,  I think of the 1880's when it was the place to be.  Ballston Spa was the last city on the rail line before the frontier of the Adirondacks. Huge hotels, spring fed water, and the promise of adventure. We want to bring that attitude back.Our mission is to combine the Old World traditions of Service and Hospitality with the conveniences of the modern world.  We work with cyclist's from different backgrounds,  whether it be mountain, commuting or road. We listen to their needs and desires, which in turn,  create a diverse cycling culture in our shop.  We believe that this will make the experience of coming to Spa City second to none.   Service and a smile.  No stinky attitudes.  Come in and find out why we're having so much fun!